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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can socially-shy people do network marketing business?

Well, this could be called as 'My Story'. I am an 'anti-social', 'extremely shy', 'speak only when pushed to do so' person. I used to run away from people who talk too much. For I knew, if I talk to them for too long, I will return home feeling all low. They know so many things, they talk nicely to all, they in fact command people to do what they ask to and all stuff. And here me, cant even express what I know :-(.

I was never happy with that though!

Down under the heart, I wanted to be an extrovert, spreading smiles to people whoever I meet. Wanted to do things I love to do. Do all adventures that open me up to the wildest self.

I guess the reason for this shrinking into my self could be because I got used to much of the mechanical life. Get up, prepare breakfast, get my son ready for school, pack his tiffin, yell at him to make it fast, scold for not finishing the breakfast. And once he is off start with the next one- who is still a toddler. And it is always one task after another at the horizon. Somewhere I had stopped being positive about life as I was too much trapped in the daily never ending chores.

I was desperate, looking for a change

I wanted a change badly and was waiting for the right time to start off something BIG. That frustration kept brewing in me. I started looking for options around that could gel well by slightly modifying my current life. This blog was in fact born out of that desperation, as a log for what all I come across.

Many a times I have seen this network marketing company persons' from different circles promoting their products. I used to wonder how do they do it. And honestly, I got very few offers to join network marketing because they too must have felt that 'she is socially-shy'. And how can she do this!!

I have been introduced to Tupperware, Amway, Oriflame, Modicare, Juvalia to name the ones I remember. And one of those introductions had led me to write the post on direct selling here.

Why people go for network marketing?

I usually run away if I can make out that the intend to of the other person is to sell something to me. It was quite similar to many  persons whom I met. They used to whisper 'shes in to network marketing. Watch out'.

So it was a norm not to get too close to a network marketing person who will eventually open up her sales manual.

Still I kept wondering why do people do this. Why? Why? Why?

And my quest for knowing more about the direct selling has made big revelations about the industry. Here is the cream of what I learnt from my search:

What is good about network marketing business?

1. It is a business school in itself - once you enter a network marketing company you learn everything about running your own business. Otherwise, who on earth will teach you everything about business with such a small capital? I dont think any courses offer such first hand experience on running your own business. I wanted to be a businesswoman for long and I always wanted to learn how to run a business before taking the plunge :-). 

2. It will help me to open up as a person - well I am anti social, but want to change to an extrovert. The network marketing team will push me till I get over that fear and be myself. I will live happily ever after. I will be least bothered about what others think.

3. It will give me good earnings - Of course I would like to have some money for myself which I can spend according to my wish.When I was doing freelancing stuff, I was often cheated by not receiving any payment at all. In network marketing the company rules and regulations ensures that I get paid for the effort I have put in. Yes it is not a fixed income but irregular like a business.

4. It can give me money even if I am on a holiday - I found that most network marketing companies, have a compensation policy in which the whole team benefits from the sale made by one person in the team. So I am always earning! (this is something that my freelance writing stuff wasn't giving me).

5.I am not alone - Network marketing is a team work. And people help you to give your best. Unlike in a job where competetion is so high, and people are really trying to pull you down if you come their way. Similar is the case with my self employed status, if I am not in a good mood, I am off from work. Nobody to push me. In network marketing it is a full energetic team and you are on high most of the time. 

6. I will start believing in my strengths than cry over my weaknesses - when you open up, you find yourself in a different world. You will only notice your strengths and you will grow as a person. Personal growth is the best outcome of your network marketing stint than anything else. So even if I am an anti social now, I don't see myself the same in a time of 6 months. And I definitely feel good about it :-).

7. It is a high growth Industry -  Some statistics here. Currently, $200 billion expected to be $1 trillion by 2020, as per WFDSA.
  1. 8. I don't need any specific educational background to get started - Network marketing is open for all. Whether I am a housewife or engineer or doctor or a teacher or how many years of work experience I have, it is all immaterial here.

I now feel that network marketing has everything that I am looking for.

And yes!! Anti-social people too can do network marketing if they really want to grow as a person!

I have watched a few videos also regarding the network marketing success stories all over the world. And what I noticed is that they all have these 'I was an anti-social' back ground. But most of them weren't happy about it and wanted a BIG change in their lives and network marketing paved their way.

I am now searching for the network marketing opportunities that will suit me the best. Soon I will come up with a post on the same.

Wake up Now! Well, I am in for a BIG change! How about you?