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Friday, 26 June 2015

12 Reasons why people say NO to network marketing

As I mentioned in my article on 'socially shy people doing network marketing', I used to run away from people who are into network marketing. Why was I running away?

The fear that they talk so nicely about the product or service that I will be forced to buy it, even if I don't need it urgently. It will lead to a state where I can't say no because it will shake our relationship a bit for sure. So to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation it is easy to run away.

How funny no? But this is the truth.

How my view about network marketing changed?

This is all that I knew about network marketing before I became part of one. The reason for change in my view is the person who introduced me into this.  The lady who pushed me into this gave me a different picture about the network marketing industry.

She told me, this is an opportunity to earn extra income (which in turn becomes a residual income over a period of time), working at my own pace, enjoying my identity, independence and most importantly not compromising on family. From her I understood that, I can grow more as a person and earn more money than if I were working with some corporate.

These revelation were not sinking into me. What I knew about the direct selling industry is not what she is talking about. I asked her, 'but how'?

Further she told, Network marketing is not about selling goods or services. But it is an amazing business where in which I have to create a network of people who is ready to work with me.

Say if I were to start a jewellery business, to make it big I would look for active partners. In network marketing I am doing exactly the same. I am looking at my friends who have a similar mindset as mine, and is ready to work together till we achieve our goals. This could take good time, say 3-4 years, and like any other business will have ups and downs.

"A successful entrepreneur is not the one who never failed, but he is the one who stood up stronger after each failure"
Her words really struck me and I got started. I found this as an opportunity to make life of many like me who are looking for a perfect work life balance. The more I learnt about the industry the better clarity I got.

How I started my network marketing career?

Once I felt 'okay, now I know enough. I want my kith and kins to be part of this', I started approaching my friends and family. But it was not going the way I expected it to be. People were saying no to me for every other reason. When I thought over it again and again I realised the reasons could be any of the following.

12 Reasons why people don't want to be part of network marketing:

1) Fear of failure
'You may be able to do this, but not me'. Then I put it back to them, I feel that if I am able to do this anybody can. Honestly, I feel people who fear that they will fail are good for nothing. They will fail in everything they do, not just network marketing.

2) Low belief in self
I have come across a few people who say 'I don't have the skills to do this, I do not talk to people much, I don't have contacts, I don't believe I can do this'. I tell them when I started I did not have any of the skills either, but believed in myself that if somebody is there to guide me, I will follow and make it happen. But the people with low belief feel that they are good at nothing and don't want to improve it either. Honestly, I will not want them to be part of my business anyway.

3) Not knowing the facts
There are a bunch of people who believes they know it all. And keep ears shut to whatever I say. Network marketing is not money chain or pyramid or ponzi or any crap. But it is a wonderful business model in which the products and services directly pass on to the consumers with out any middle men.

To put it in a simple manner, suppose I am doing my idly batter business in a small scale in my housing complex. I have two of my regular customers who buy batter from me every day. If I tell them, if somebody buys batter from me with your recommendation, I will pay you a part of my profit. And the same applies to the person whom they referred and like that the network builds and I will enjoy more sales by giving off a part of profit to the person who helped me to make those sales. This is network marketing. It is not a rocket science, but anybody or everybody can do it.

4) Listening to others than listening to people who are offering the opportunity
I have often noticed that, I make the concept clear to a person and he is happy to see that he will have a financially free life if he starts with network marketing. Out of the excitement, he will go to somebody who knows nothing about network marketing who advise him not to get trapped there. No need to say, he will get affected by this comment. Though he has understood in detail about the industry from somebody who has spent immense time within the industry and has seen enough success to speak confidently about it, he goes for the moron's word who knows nothing but inflated bogus.  I really pity those people, who don't follow their heart!

5) Scared if this will spoil the relationships
It is true that network marketing is about presenting the opportunity to your kith and kins. And some people are ready to work together whereas majority is not. Will the relationship get spoiled if somebody says no? Never! A relationship gets spoiled only when I stop talking to that person after he says no. So it is always in my hand to have the relationship same as before. If I keep extending the same warmth, how can it spoil the relationship?

6) Having no dream
Recently, I came across a middle aged lady who said no, because she is half way through life and have no more dreams. I told her, KFC was started by Ray Croc after his retirement at 64. But of course his dreams were pushing him to do better each day. Without dreams, nobody will do good in life. I can't help somebody who has given up with life!

7) Happy with the current life
Some people are so contented with current life that a change in that is not required at all. That people will definitely don't want to see a better opportunity even.

8) Bad decision makers
Some people behave their true self (abnormal) when they are exposed to something vulnerable. They have high quotient of self doubt, and don't want to move out of their comfort zone. So not to get into any unpleasant situation they say no to network marketing. These are the people who regret on their decision later on when they see others' success.

9) Have seen more failures so don't believe if this works
There are a few bunch of people who themselves were or knows somebody who was once part of some network marketing company. The history could be such that it dint work at that time, but does it mean it will never work for you? So people should write exams only once, if failed let them not complete their graduation or whatever. Or if you don't clear your first job interview you should never go for another one.

Nobody clears everything in the first chance, but if I am clear that I will not make the same mistake next time, the chances of succeeding is higher the second time. Network marketing works and it works for anyone, who goes over all challenges, has patience and is consistent. Above all has a dream to make it happen real!

10) Unclear picture
If I am introducing network marketing to somebody I need to be clear about the industry and why I am doing this. If not, I will not able to give the bigger picture to him, And with an unclear picture, who will want to go ahead?

11) This is not the business I was looking for
Network marketing is a business in which half of the work is already done, and I just need to work on an already taken path that guarantees success. This is the simplest business that any aspiring entrepreneur can do without fail if followed properly. People think it is that easy and so are other businesses. But reality is that running a business will give a lot of hurdles which can take you back, and go back to what you were doing.

Network marketing will make you go through all such hurdles in a protected environment. Then how is it different from other business? But one thing I am sure about is that, if somebody fails in network marketing, he will never be able to make a big business in any other sector. Renowned author Robert T. Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) talks about network marketing as a business school in itself. So it is as good as any other business!!!

12) Strange reasons (very funny)
I have come across strange reasons from people like
- my astrologer said this business will not suit me
- my parents said don't do this
- my in-laws are against me doing something other than looking after family
- my spouse or kids are not supporting
- I won't be able to spend time with my pet cat
- I can't get up early

For all of such moronic people, I will say. Don't worry neither do I want such cowards in my network. Thanks for the time.

Sorry I have written this a bit aggressively, but this is exactly what I feel when I come across such bunch of people.

Do you know any more reason for which somebody has turned down your offer? If so, please share. I would love to add that too to this list of people's funny behaviours.