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Thursday, 23 July 2015

How I found my happiness in network marketing venture?

When I was in my final year of graduation, like any other average undergraduate I had a dream of getting a job. The better, if I were to get associated with the industry biggies (back then it was mainly Infy, TCS or Wipro). To make it  happen, I only thought of scoring the minimum marks and complete the course with out any suppli. And in the final year I did get placed with Infosys and I felt that my dream has come true.

As I joined Mysore Infy on 11th July 2005 (10 long years now), I felt yes indeed this is the heaven on earth. But when the so called training started, I was not really liking it. I looked as if I became part of a big crowd (800+ people joined on the very same day). Exactly how Marty must have felt when he saw hundreds of zebras grazing in Madagascar movie!

My thinking about job was that I will learn new things, I will get over my weaknesses and I will become a far more better person. But that did not happen there. I just became a better coder from an average coder. The growth happened only in one dimension. 

In my team, there were people like me who were squeezed out to do the best code, a few more who were doing average and a bunch who were on bench. The funny thing I found is that at the end of month, no matter who put the maximum effort the salary was the same - Something wrong somewhere.

I felt like a drop in the ocean. Luckily it lasted only for a year. All in team were equally frustrated like me, and I was glad that I was getting some time off from this virtual world to real world. (Of course, it will be untrue if I don't tell that I enjoyed the independence and creativity at work.)

Reality was different!

Honestly, this was not I was looking for. I felt cheated by the people around me who told working life is fun, especially if you get into Infosys. And every time I meet somebody outside Infy, they used to look proudly at me. Campus selection, Infy, etc etc. Though peripherally I was enjoying all these flattery, down under I was thinking - 'they don't know what looks from outside is not the reality'. 

Later on, I gave priority to look after my family as I knew that job can't anyway make me happy. But the not-working status had left a big void in me. I was looking for various flexible options that can make me happy as a family woman as well as a career woman.

Still, though nothing was moving, I had a strong desire alive in my mind to do something big in my life. I had many big big dreams which looked very unreal every moment I thought about it. Down under the heart I was seeking a way that can help me manage my family as well as fulfill my desires. 

I tried Idli/dosa batter selling, content writing, jewellery retail etc to see if they can make me happy. 

Even this blog was born out of my search of finding the best opportunity. To make the story short, I found what I was looking for in network marketing. When I got to know about how it works and what all it has to offer, my heart said -'THIS IS IT!'

How did I get into network marketing?

Like many of you reading this post, I had a negative impression on the network marketing industry. I often wondered, why people get into selling somebody's goods. And go to kith and kins to sell them. Huh.. Such a pestering business.

My parents, relatives, friends and strangers, all were against network marketing. Till a few months back, network marketing appeared to me something like going to people after people, convince them to buy goods from me and earn a profit from the sales I make. Something like becoming a saleswoman for a company. 

Further, my dad used to talk about this industry, these earnings will look very attractive in paper , but not all are fit to make it happen. You will lose all your relationships and you will not make any money either. So, whenever I came across a network marketing person I used to run away.

That is what I was programmed to be. 

Little did I know that what I realised about job applies to network marketing industry also - 'what looks from outside is not the reality inside'. 

It is indeed an amazing way of living! Now I wish if I had known about the facts about the industry a bit before. I wasted past 9 years of my life trying out different things.

What is network marketing?

Network Marketing or Direct Selling is a very simple, yet powerful business model used to move goods and services directly down to customers without any middleman. It works basically on word of mouth. Word of mouth is something that we use on a daily basis. Say, a toothpaste brand or new mobile phone model or a new restaurant or the best preschool in your locality. We refer everything, but we are not getting paid for that.

Network marketing or Referral marketing is a business model, in which I get paid for all the goods and services that I recommend for my dear family and friends  (they form my network). Here, everything is already in place - products, pricing, how to approach and what all. I just need to experience the product first, and if I like it recommend it to people in my network. Which I normally do for all other things in the world.

The beauty of network marketing lies in building a powerful network of people in my contacts who are regular customers and keep recommending products to their family and friends. So that after a good amount of time, their recommendations can bring me profit while I am idling around. This is called Residual Income!

What is the best about network marketing?

What I thought about network marketing is that this is meant for people who can't do anything else. Especially done by people who are looking at making quick money with least effort, or in other words  by pestering others. Even in my wildest imagination I never expected people from IITs, top B-schools and specialised doctors to be full time networking professionals.

Little did I know about the potential of network marketing - that the industry is huge, exponentially growing and is as good as any other profession.

What I know today about network marketing is that, it is just like doing any other business, In a traditional business my organisation will have people as employees who will be living on salary. In network marketing I will have people whom I will train to become the best entrepreneurs. Over a period of time, my organisation will have highly talented business men who will have their own organisations, they run their own business and is not dependent on me for their income.

There is a saying, to feed a man you can either give him a fish every day or teach him how to fish. And network marketing does exactly that - teaching business to anyone who starts with it. 

How  I found my happiness in network marketing venture?

Once my mind got cleared about the network marketing industry, I started enjoying my work. I am now passionately working on my venture because I have realised that this is the best that can happen to me :-). 

What follows is why I strongly feel so:
  •  Work life balance- What ever I thought of doing, I had my number 1 priority to my family. I knew if I were to rejoin corporate I would be sad for that fact the the working hours will demand my time off from my kids. In network marketing I need to spend only 20-30 hours of my time every week  to make a handsome profit. The rest of the week I spend for other things  I love - kids, blogging, content writing, movies, family time, shopping etc. 

  •  Personal growth - Once I left the creative world, my mind also stopped working. I had started enjoying solitude for the fear that people won't be able to follow my thinking. And with such a disturbed mind, I had moved in to shell of my own. I hardly spoke to people. When I did, I used to fumble. More than talking, I was thinking on how my words will impact the listener-'will he think I am crazy'. Such thoughts kept fuming in me and I preferred to be within my self.  But I realised that to do anything in life, I had to break that self created shell. And network marketing did exactly that to me. I am a free bird now, I enjoy life to the fullest. I got new friends. I am no longer scared to talk to people. I am a better person altogether now. 

  •  Improving my self confidence - I was so low on my confidence that I always doubted my abilities. I had put myself in such a state that without an external force it was impossible for me to get out of my comfort zone. My uplines pushed me to maximum and here I am now. A cool happy lady!

  •  Make more money than any job or traditional business - I had often thought of starting business - jewellery, clothing, etc. And calculated profit for each of them. Very shockingly I have come to know that the return from a successful network marketing business (after 4-5 years) is not even closer to an average business idea. Network marketing is the industry that creates maximum number of millionaires across the world! 

  •  Have good friends - I was not in touch with any of my friends expect for 2 close ones. I wanted my life to be filled with friends who are there for me every now and then. Each and every person in my network are my best friends now. We talk openly and have fun  with life. Just like a carefree life with a helping attitude. 

  •  Time flexibility - Though I wanted to enjoy the independence I never wanted to leave my kids with maid or do anything that will put my family in trouble. The time flexibility that my network marketing company is offering is helping me to switch between the official duties and home duties with ease. 

  •  Improving on my weakness areas - I was very shy, never liked talking to people. I used to be the one sitting alone in a crowd. Now I talk to anybody and everybody. Now I don't actually care what others say about me, I realise  it is my life and I will live happily. I was very bad at remembering birthdays. But now I am better at it :-). All these happened because of my association with network marketing. 

  •  Strengthening my skills - I had almost forgotten what all talents I have. Because my low self confidence was only highlighting what I am not good at till now. Things have changed. My uplines who are my mentors keep working on me to improve my strengths and sharpening skill sets. Now within a span of few months, I see myself as a different person with a positive attitude towards life. 

  •  I can work as a family - Before getting married to Veeran I used to think it will be great if my husband and me can work together. But it never happened in corporate world. Neither, our domains are the same to start some business with existing expertise. Now I enjoy working together with Veeran in our network marketing venture. 

  •  I can work at My pace - Nobody is forcing me to make things fast. There is no target and no work pressure. I work when my kids are sleeping or when I am done with my other duties. The passion level has come to such a level that I create time to do this. I go slow when my family needs me, say when my son is down with cold. I found the liberty to work at my pace in my network marketing business. And I am loving it!

  •  Asset creation - In the long run(4-5 years of time), I will have an asset that will keep pumping good amount of money. This will be good enough to help two generations down the line to survive. I would like to be the person in the family who is remembered for generations than mere exist. 

  •  Know true colours of people - Honestly, before venturing in to network marketing I was judging people as - she is so strong, she is a super woman etc. But I have realised these people when exposed to minor vulnerability they either run away or put blame on others. Contrarily, some people whom I judged as good for nothing are real gems. Now I am able to understand people and their behaviours better.

  •  Kids future -  When I was a kid, my parents used to say "study hard, score good marks, clear entrance, get admission in good college, get a good job and your life will be settled." I don't want my sons to go through the same cycle and get stuck with rest of life with no time for anything. My elder son wants to be a dance teacher or a chef. I will never tell him to go for a professional course and get a good job. I will only tell him to follow his heart and do what he wants. I dont want them to live like a pressure cooker competing with others in the class or country or even globally. I want both of them to do what they like to do. I have seen that network marketing secures kids' future and they don't need to work for money. Of course, they can earn better in any field if they are allowed to do what their heart wants to. 

  •  I can give back to my parents- When I was in Infy my mom had a major surgery. I was not even able to stay with her in the hospital for more than a week for I will not have a job if I do so. I was really sad at that time wondering what life is this. In network marketing I own my business and I can be with my parents whenever I want or when they wants me. I see my working friends 'using' their parents to look after their kids so that they can continue with job. No hard feeling to people who are doing it. But just ask yourself. Your mom and dad have struggled all the life to bring you and your siblings up. They must have sacrificed everything so that you study well and have a better future than them. Don't you think we should really make their life happier than teach them how to change diaper, or wash utensils in US winters? 

  •  Fulfill even the wildest of my dreams - I have many wild dreams like doing organic farming and become a influential business woman, setting up many small scale industries that helps in women empowerment. And do all sort of adventure sports, watch Northern lights, climb Mount Everest, visit all beautiful places on earth and what all! This will happen soon because I am doing network marketing!

These are the benefits of network marketing that I have experienced. 

Network marketing is running in my heart and soul these days. It is far far far promising than I had ever imagined. I realised it only after I took the plunge! Are you ready for that?