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Sunday, 10 April 2016

What should you expect out of your network marketing venture?

Well, when I started my network marketing journey, it was full of excitement. I felt that everybody should do network marketing. It has something or other for every human being on earth. For some it could be money, for another few it could be meeting new people, for some others it could be products. The reason what may, I had a feel that everybody who see the opportunity will jump on to it to get started. Moreover, it is coming from me, who can never be wrong and has done all the ground work! (My bad ego!)

To be honest, the reality was much different. People were liking it, but were finding excuses not to be part of it. I kept wondering why? This thought kept lingering in me for quite a while, so on and so forth I used to discuss this with my upline (the term very common in network marketing industry used to call the person with whom you are closely working with). She always says, you just have to keep moving, you will find success.

I have taken THE DECISION to be successful in this (under the guidance of my upline) and I will keep moving on. I have seen that the potential in network marketing is huge in comparison to any traditional or contemporary business that I can think of.

For me, the journey in network marketing is for almost two years now. I would like to sum up my experience so far.

My Experience with Network Marketing

As I said, starting was easy. Enthusiasm of starting own venture filled up the emotions space. But, afterwards have seen lots of ups and downs (more downs than ups). Emotions kept changing colours like a chameleon.

In a nutshell, this is how it kept flowing:

Stage 1: Pumped with Excitement:

When I saw the opportunity, I was awestruck. Network marketing is a brilliant business!

I started feeling why was I avoiding other people in the industry. Had I even listened to their presentation, I would have come to know about this industry much before and made a lots of money by now.

I decided that I should at least save my friends and family from such a regret. I will tell everybody in my circle regarding this and get them started.

With this excitement I spoke to closest of all close people so far in my life. None of them resonated with my excitement. Unfortunately, all were persuading me to stop doing network marketing. Many started asking, why you are doing this! How did you get trapped? Get out of it. It is a scam. You will not make money etc etc.

But I believed in my heart. I have seen a wonderful business model and people are succeeding as well. It can't be any of the negative things these people are talking. It is their mistake that they are not believing me.

So, I kept going on and talked to almost everybody. Hardly any results I had.

Stage 2: Started doubting the industry

When I heard lot of negative reviews from my near and dear ones, I started feeling did I make the right choice by opting to work in network marketing? Who is right- people with whom I am working or my friends and family whom I know from the time I was born? I had no answer.

I was liking the work amidst all these. My heart kept murmuring, move on. I kept on going as I knew I know a lot more people, who were close to me at some point of time in life. And my results could come from there. After all, that could be the purpose of spending some good time together long ago. It will be fun to associate with them again!

Stage 3: Why did I get in to this?

By now, I spoke to almost half of the people whom I knew since my birth. Remaining people in my contact list have either forgotten me long back! So it is like I am running out of people. Some people have stopped responding to my calls and messages as well.

Still not any distinguishable results that can take me to financial freedom. I came to a conclusion then, I made a wrong choice. People are avoiding me. After all, everybody was right! This is not working! Why did I get in to this!!

But my upline is quite generous and she said you will make new friends.  Don't lose hope. Just get going.

This period is the most emotional one. I was almost sure that I don't want to continue with this. But just for the sake of it, let's see.

Stage 4: Some changes have happened

Slowly though the results were minimal I could realise that I have grown better in  few other directions. I have become a better listener. I have become happier as I learnt not to hide my emotions. I became more confident as  a person. I also started talking to a crowd with out fear. Meeting people who are just like me with a positive attitude really made me feel life is beautiful.

Big realisation: "This is my life, just do what I like to do - don't live for others".

I am enjoying this life full of bliss and positivity!

Stage 5: Anyway I have come this far, let me stick on for a while more

When I started looking back, I realised that I have gained so much. Why should I think of quitting this. It has only given me good, though not much money. Let me stick on for a while more and let us see where it unfolds.

No longer it is feeling like a work or process. Everything has become a part of me and it has become my natural style. This is cool!

Stage 6: Small results, after all something to satisfy

I could see some results. Oh! This can work for me too then! I have cracked the nut of network marketing.

Let me try hard for bigger results.

"Uplineeee please guide me well!" Complete submission to upline.

Stage 7: Hey, this is much bigger than I thought: Thank You upline!

Drastic change in the way people react to the business. What is happening? People are loving it! Huge result time!!! Can't stop smiling! People come to me asking what is my success mantra!

Stage 8: I want to do this for the rest of my life, come what may!

This is the best that has happened to me. I want to do network marketing for the rest of my life! Thank you God for giving me this opportunity. I want anybody and everybody to do this! This is awesome!

To be honest, I have reached only at stage 6. But I can see Raghu, passing over through Stage 8. So soon, it will happen to me too..

Yes this is the life of network marketing professional! It is an awesome journey. Just take that first step and keep following your heart! Success is guaranteed!

Are you part of network marketing industry? Which stage are you in? I would love to hear out from you, do get in touch with me.