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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to become a Zumba instructor?

For 3 months I joined Zumba to open up to the world of dancing and weight loss with fun. I had no idea about Zumba till I joined. Thanks to Yashu, my Zumba instructor who told us that I don't need to worry about the dance steps as such. But just need to keep moving with the rhythm.

As an intro, she talked about herself. She was working as a software engineer and quit job once she started with family. She was sharing that motherhood is fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. But less creativity and minimal appreciation turn women after motherhood low on confidence. Ultimately, we need a push to do simple things which was easy earlier. This very much echoed with me. 

And the extra kilograms make matter even worse, For her, she had put on weight massively and tried out different things to get back to shape. And, she being a good dancer fell in love with Zumba! And soon became a Zumba instructor - teaching people like me, boosting our confidence and much more. 

When I heard her story, I felt if you love dancing and likes being fit, you can be a Zumba instructor! Yes, it is a fun way to earn good money, help many people and enjoy the independence.

How to become a Zumba instructor?

Life of Zumba instructor is like having party everyday. And you lead the party :-).

Zumba is a high energy dance-workout originated in South America. This trade marked dance fitness program was founded by Colombian dancer Alberto Beto Perez.

Basically, Zumba is an aerobic fitness workout featuring Latin American music. Zumba incorporates the flavours of various dance forms like salsa, samba, tango, soca, belly dance, flamenco and bollywood and much more.

To become a Zumba instructor you have to receive training under certified Zumba Education Specialists (ZES). ZES are very specific people (chosen by Beto Perez himself) to train the Zumba teachers and duplicate Zumba culture perfectly across the world.

You can sign up for a training in your locality at the Zumba official website. (Put the location option as "India" and you can see the upcoming training session in major cities of India.)

To start off you need to sign up for the basic Zumba level or B1 training.

So is there anything required from your side to attend the Zumba training and be a Zumba instructor?

There is no qualifying criteria to attend a  Zumba training. But having the following qualities will make it easy for you to be a successful Zumba instructor after your training program:

  1. Love for dance: Yes, this is all about mixing and matching various dance forms and choreography. So if you love dance, you will love Zumba too. 
  2. Basic know how of Healthy body: As a Zumba instructor, you should be able to estimate the effect of different dance moves on human body. This will help in choreographing specific work outs and managing clients with different physical health. 
  3. Good communication skills: Talking to clients in a friendly manner, clearing their doubts and being there for them always will gain you trust. This bonding will exist for post Zumba time too, thus helping you to make new friends. 
  4. Confidence: Clients will always look up to you for inspiration. Confidence always shows on your face and your moves. Always let it be on the high.
  5. Energy: You have to be high on energy all the time to keep your class moving with you. And when you give energy you get energy as well. It is always wonderful to be surrounded in a positive energetic environment. 
  6. Smile: A smile is the easiest thing to connect with people. When you teach with a happy smile on your face, it will reflect on your class as well :-).

Well, these were more of the soft skill requirement. Apart from these, you should be ready with the training cost of $250-$300.

What happens after the Zumba Basic 1 training?

Once done, you will be ready to take Zumba classes on your own. You will be a licensed instructor authorised to take Zumba classes. You will also receive DVDs that will help you to recall music and practice the dance moves learnt.

The Zumba training equips you to identify parts of song and choreograph them resulting in effective dance-fitness workout. This is the much needed skill to be a successful Zumba instructor.

Once you are done with your training you are eligible to sign up for ZIN or Zumba Instructor Network. ZIN is provided by the Zumba company to ensure that Zumba fitness is standardised across the globe. With ZIN, you will always be updated with latest skill moves and new choreographies that you can straight away teach your class.

The ZIN account comes with a monthly cost of $30 which also retains your Zumba teaching licence, which otherwise has to be renewed at $200 every year. ZIN also qualifies you to attend advanced level training and buy Zumba gears at discounted costs. (You can read about advanced Zumba training in the official Zumba website.)

How much money can you earn being a Zumba instructor?

The earnings from Zumba classes is completely upto you. Zumba gives you the freedom to choose your own rates and classes. The average monthly earnings for a Zumba fitness instructor can be anywhere from Rs.15000 to few lakh rupees.

Isn't that a good way to earn quite a good money along with keeping yourself fit? Some of the leading women Zumba instructors in India are Sucheta Pal and Swetha Jairam. They are already very well recognised and are big fitness experts for Bollywood actors too!

Zumba is easy and fun! Because of which people of every background are opting it for healthy living. To become a successful Zumba instructor, you have to be up to date with your skills and invest time and energy for self learning too.

So have you decided to give your life nitro boost with Zumba? Rock On! Life is all yours!!!