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Saturday, 11 June 2016

How to start a House Cleaning Business

My aunt stays in Mumbai. Her friend, Nirmala aunty has one daughter and is married off and stays in a different city with her family. Apart from the yearly visit to meet her grand children, nothing much excites Nirmala aunty. She always wanted to occupy her free time with something beneficial. She has no work experience as such. She is a home maker and is extremely good at keeping house speck clean and tidy.

Last week, I heard from my aunt that Nirmala aunty has started with a business. She is now running a house cleaning service in their area. And in this short span she is getting huge response and doing excellent. What a brilliant idea right?

So, What exactly is home cleaning business?

When I heard about Nirmala aunty's new venture, I had this doubt what exactly is home cleaning business. People normally clean their houses by themselves or with the help of a maid. Very few like guest houses or offices might require a cleaning service. So what exactly does these house cleaning services cover?

With this dubious mind, I looked out for more details about house cleaning business on the web. And I could see that house cleaning service is the next big thing in the urban cities right now.

With hectic day schedules, working people hardly find time to look after homes and instead opt for professional cleaning services. This includes sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, bed room cleaning, floor scrubbing, kitchen cleaning, bath room cleaning, car cleaning, dusting and what all.

Similarly, home makers often find it annoying to be at the back of the maid to keep the house speck and span. Hiring a local professional home cleaning service once in a while is a real boon for people who want to live in a super clean house.

It seems that, in India house cleaning services are gaining popularity and it is the ideal time to venture in to this business. The best thing about this business is that you will start generating income right from the launch of the service. So why wait? Let us just plan and execute!

How to start a homecleaning business?

A home cleaning business requires you to travel different parts of the city. So  it is ideal for people who love roaming around, do some exhausting work and meet a lot of people. To get started you can follow these steps:

Decide on the services offered:

The first thing that is required to set up a house cleaning business is to decide what all services you will offer. You can decide if you can offer the services to Residential houses, vacant houses, offices, guest houses or just as a premium service to very few clientele.

In each of these, you can narrow down to specific services like carpet cleaning, dusting, bed room cleaning, floor polishing, bathroom cleaning, car cleaning etc.

This step is very important as your work ethics and techniques used is different for each. Your decision also depends on the area of your operation.

Decide on your area of operation:

In most of the cities, residential area and commercial area will be seperated. Choose the area where your service has maximum potential customers. You can also set up your own office space in that area so that you can save on your traveling time between different clients.

Rent or buy a car or van for commutation:

You will have to move around to different places to see the location and assess to give a quotation. Once you get the deal, you have to go with your cleaning accessories and helpers and back. So you definitely need a vehicle to commute. That too, one with enough space to hold everything. 

Hire good labor force:

Home cleaning is very exhaustive job. So you will need a few helpers to keep the work happen smoothly. While hiring people, do good background checks. Also give them proper training and brief on work ethics so that your service gain good reputation in short time. At the same time be friendly with them so that, they stick to you like loyal employees. 

You have to have enough capital to pay them salary. 

Get the capital ready:

Though house cleaning business is very simple business, it do require some starting capital for set up. Office space, office stationery, labor force, vehicle, cleaning agents and accessories need to be ready before you commence the operation.

You have to look for ways to get the capital ready. You can also consider loan option from banks to raise capital.

Buy the cleaning machineries:

You will definitely need a vaccum cleaner, broom, mop, duster, cleaning agents, polish, bucket etc. This step is easy once you have decided on your service offerings.

Get your brand and office stationery:

Decide on the name and do required branding whereever possible, like your car etc. Also you will need stationeries like letter heads to receive quotation from clients. Have a checklist ready not to miss out any item. You will also need a bill book.

Decide your pricing:

Once all these is done, you will have a fair idea of the cost involved. So while presenting quotation to customers, consider all setup and running cost and profit and decide on your rate. This could be per hour or per job or may vary depending on the intensity of work.


Once you launch your service you have to inform your potential customers. You can use local newspapers, fliers, Just Dial or internet to spread the word. To start off, you can request your friends and family to hire you. This will give you honest feedback as well as confidence on your service. Also this will give you enough room improvise from the trials before commencing commercial service.

To start off in a small scale, you can hire two assistants. The cleaning can be done with these two people and you can supervise them. Once somebody approaches you for a quotation, visit their house and analyse what all needs to be done. Carrying a checklist will help you mark it easily. Cover every minor details possible so that the client won’t complain later on. Also this allows you to quote the remuneration perfectly as well as tell them how many hours to complete.

So what all can be included in house cleaning services list?

Here goes an exhaustive list of services coming under house cleaning:

  1. Dusting 
  2. Window Cleaning
  3. Electrical fitting cleaning
  4. Sofa cleaning
  5. Carpet Cleaning 
  6. Curtain cleaning
  7. Roof Cleaning,
  8. Floor Cleaning
  9. Floor Polishing
  10. Floor Scrubbing
  11. Bathroom Cleaning
  12. Kitchen Cleaning
  13. Pest Killing
  14. Car Cleaning
And much more. You can short list your specific service from this list. 

What are the legal formalities required to start a house cleaning business?

A cleaning business has to be registered as a sole proprietorship or, private limited or limited liability company or corporation. 

  1. As the first step of forming the company you have to get the approval of your company name.  This may take a week and you might have to provide an alternative name too. 
  2. Once approved you can register your company with that name. The application is reviewed by Registrar of the Companies(ROC) and you will get the response in 10 days.
  3. You also need to apply for DIN (Director Identification Number) online.
  4. You also need to get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). You can read more about it here:
  5. Licenses are required for handling heavy machinery, cleaning agents, tools, chemicals etc.
  6. Also PAN for business and a bank account. This will take care of the income tax part.

How to stand out from the rest of house cleaning services in your area?

You have to excel in whatever you do. To get happy customers, you have to provide them extremely professional service. If the customers are happy they will call you again and recommend you to friends and family. Empower your employees to work with good ethics and groom them to behave well.

Does home cleaning service have a good scope?

International established house cleaning services have started offering franchise in India. This shows that this business has a huge scope and right now is in the nascent stage. Home grown companies always have advantage as we need more and more entrepreneurs in India.

To start off and keeping it simple, you can go ahead with home cleaning services. Cleaning the house takes a good amount of time and energy. And if you are staying in India you can easily hire a home maid to do the cleaning. But quite often they end up hiding dust, paper bits, hair etc under the sofas, cots and tables. After all, their dedication to work isn’t commendable – prime factor being it isn’t their home.  Yet, if they don’t come, your day go for a toss.

So, I keep wondering how to keep the house specking clean without spending too much of my own energy. The answer to lazy bones like me is to hire a home cleaning service once in a while :-D.