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Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to become a kids Birthday Party Organiser?

Each passing June 25th, my son starts planning for his next birthday. Which cake to order, what all games to play, the decorations and what more - even the balloon colours! How fun it will be if you can be part of many such parties - not as a guest but as an organiser?

Kids are little bundles of joy. Every year, they wait for their birthday to have unlimited fun with their friends. They demand for their favourite cartoon cake, special gifts and much more! Girls want to be a real princess and boys want to be like their favourite superhero. What all games and entertainments they ask for is countless. Kids’ wishes are never ending. Often moms listen to all such wishes, yet turn completely drained out once the birthday celebrations are over. How good it will be if you have a clone, which can help in conducting birthday parties!
Though it is a bundle of excitement for kid, it is a bundle of anxiety for mom when the birthday month approaches. Where to conduct the party, what all entertainment, what to buy for return gifts, what all refreshments, etc and the worry gets over only once the party is over. Every mom will be so relieved if they get help from an experienced someone to celebrate their kid’s birthday.

You can snatch this as a brilliant business opportunity. Having a fair idea of kids’ psychiatry can push you into this field without any prior experience. Sounds pretty amazing right? Let us now see what all you need to be a birthday party organiser.

How to be a birthday party organiser?

Having conducted a birthday party once or if attended one recently, you have already cleared the initial hurdle of being a birthday party organiser. This way you will have a fair idea of the proceedings of such a celebration. Other than setting up the party theme and entertainments you have to take care of lots of background work.

Talk to the kid: After all it is the kid’s birthday! So she (or he) knows about what all she wants more than anyone else. Talk to the kid and make a note of her preferences. If there is a particular party theme she is fond of like a princess, Snow White, witch or Barbie. List down the games and other entertainments that she wants to offer her friends. Moreover, what sort of cake she likes and food that she plans to serve her friends. You can talk to the kid in the presence of her parents to get the exact nature of celebration they are planning for. You can know of their budget in setting up the party and the exact number of kids attending.   

D├ęcor:  Kids love to celebrate their birthday with their favourite cartoon character. Seeing Chota Bheem and Chutki aside can make their merry go manifold. Such theme parties and fancy dress parties are a huge hit among kids. Look in to such demands from kids and decorate the birthday space accordingly. Talk to the parents regarding what all decorations they prefer – balloons, paper hangings, glitters, party poppers etc.  Try to arrange for a theme based on the gender of the birthday kid. Have a boarding ready that shows who is throwing the party. Having a poster saying whose birthday outside the birthday area can avoid the confusion for the guests. Also make provision for music and lights if required.

Birthday Invite: Kids are on cloud nine if they receive an invitation addressing them.  Have a good array of birthday invite prototypes to choose from. Have a good number of contacts of printing people too.
Games and Entertainments: Kids enjoy playing games like musical chair, lemon and spoon race, tailing the donkey, basketball shooting and what all more.  Magic shows, Puppet shows, tattoo makers, face painting and stickers can keep them entertained for a long while. You can choose the games and entertainment after analysing the age of the kids. Check out internet to have a good amount of entertainment ideas. You can talk to parents to understand their personal preferences. Keep a stock of prizes for winners of each game. 

Ordering the Cake: If the parents want you to order and pick up the cake, make arrangements for the same. Ensure that you understand their preferences, say eggless cake or a specific bakery that they trust completely.  And by the way don’t forget the candle and a match box!

Food: Kids turn extremely hungry when eating at a place other than own home. Also the games and entertainments make them exhausted. Have a good supply of juices and snacks to reenergise them. Try to stick to healthy food and fresh juices as they will cause no harm to the little ones. If you have a theme party you can include theme specific food too. Talk to the parents regarding the catering joints and the possible menus before finalising. Also make provisions for serving bowls, hot packs, plates and glasses, say disposables ones depending on the celebration style. If you have to arrange for the caterers, have a good number of contacts ready. Try to avoid common allergic ingredients in food as young ones easily show reactions.  

Return gifts: Apart from the games and entertainments, kids eagerly wait for their return gifts.  If you, as the party organiser can arrange for the return gifts, parents will be overjoyed.  Get the details of the kids invited and choose return gifts according to the age and gender. To be on the safer side, keep a few extra ones in case more kids join in.

Have your quotation ready: Of course you are not doing this as charity. Fix on you remuneration for each job to be done and do the money talk while to take up the assignment itself. You can ask for some money as advance from the parents to buy stuff.

Timing, Date, venue: Before leaving the client’s place, make a note of the birthday party date, venue and timing. And ensure that you reach there and set up stuff prior to the preferred timing.

Go for material hunting: Once you have a fair idea of the theme and the budget allocation you can start hunting for the materials required to set up the venue. Balloons, theme decorations, party hats, paper ribbons and what all. If music is required make arrangements for the same too.
Yes all these are a piece of cake if you have already conducted your own kid’s birthday party a couple of times. Well there are many different sorts of birthdays organised by different people, but how can you excel them?

How to stand out from the rest of birthday party organisers?

Following are the few areas where most of the party organisers fall short of. If you can work on these, I guarantee that you have hit a jackpot with this business!

Punctuality: Time waits for none. Always be ready with stuff at least half an hour before the given time. If you are well disciplined with time, clients will be more than happy to trust you.

Communication: Keep the contact lines open. If parents or kids have asked for something and you are unable to manage it, feel free to inform of the same before it gets late.  Similarly, tell the clients to call up if they have a change in plan or need something extra.

Patience with parents: Not all people are of the same make. Some are really terrible and can make you frustrated. Never lose your patience and talk to them nicely. If things don’t work with both of you, feel comfortable to say no to them. After all you are doing this to have a feel good time for yourself.

Get a birthday gift for the kid: Kids expect a gift in the hands of every person attending the party. They will be thrilled to have one from the person who is conducting the party. So never forget the special gift.

Security of kids: Once for a kid only birthday party, in the middle of the party I saw my son coming out with his friend. Luckily I was nearby and saw them coming out. Then I took them back to the party and the party organiser was totally unaware of it. I was alarmed to see that. Have an eye on each and every kid as they could easily get bored and walk away without informing you.

Be cool with kids: Every birthday party is a good amount of feel good time for the kids attending. Be cool with the kids and let them have their own space. Kids are serene and you can easily mend them if you behave the way they like.

Have good contacts of kid entertainers: Well, you can hook kids to the seats if you entertain them thoroughly. Have good contacts of professional magicians, tattoo makers, puppeteers and what all possible entertainers. Keep a bundle of game ideas ready as well.

Wholesalers: Do your birthday party shopping at wholesale markets so that you get any given number of a variety of items that too at a low cost.  This will cut down the total conducting cost thus reducing your quotation, making it easily affordable for almost all parents.

At every party, keep your contact card ready as more parents will approach you to book for future parties. Getting 10-12 birthday contracts a month can build you a steady career. Also carry a catalogue of varied party themes and ideas. A portfolio that showcases the parties you organised can give them a fair idea of your talent powerhouse.  Keep collecting entertaining ideas and performer contacts.

Try to put your heart and soul into each party and let the kids have a gala time. Parents will be more than happy to see the happy kids without them getting exhausted and not pinching their pockets. I’m sure if you step into entrepreneurship as a birthday party organiser, you have a bright future ahead. Who knows if you grow big into a reputable even management company spreading all over India providing livelihood for many people! Truly, it is a full time fun job!