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Friday, 8 May 2015

40 short term courses that can launch you on a steady career even if you have never worked before

When I see working women talking about their work, I feel like rejoining for a job. Quite many times I have asked my 7 year old son:” Shall I go to office like papa?” And the response is always spontaneous:”NO! Then who will cook food for us? Then who will look after me and my little brother?” or sometimes sadly “Then nobody will be there when I come back from school if you also come home late like papa.

It is a fact that if my family members are not happy I cannot be happy at work either. Especially when kids fall sick, nursing them takes the priority No.1. Even working may not be as exciting as it feels now if things go for a toss at home. I’m sure there are many like me in such a dilemma. How glad will it be if we can take care of both with ease!  Say something like a part-time job or an opportunity to work from home.

How to get started with a work from home opportunity or a part time job?

And the good news is that I can very well have a happy family and a successful career side by side. Thanks to the handful of part time courses that enable me to re-launch my career without hurting my family responsibilities.  The courses range from Montessori training, medical transcription to more technical ones like animation and search engine optimisation. If you are also looking for training courses that enable you to relaunch your career, please read on.

The best part of these courses is that you don’t require any qualification like graduation or post graduation to join any of them. Following is an exhaustive list of such courses that equip you to have a career either at home or by sparing two-four hours away from home.  

List of 40 courses offering part-time job opportunities for women: 

To make things easy, I have classified the jobs based on the place of work – at home or outside home. Please check out the course information below.

Part time job courses with work place outside home:

1.       Montessori training : 

Montessori teacher training gives you all the skills to work as a pre-school teacher. There are many montessori teacher training courses available in each city. Check out on internet for the ones in your locality. The training course span for a year maximum. The course fee ranges from 10000 to 20000 depending on the quality of training. And once completed you can start working at the nearest montessori or school.

2.       Foreign or Local Language coaching:

My friend Saro, is pursuing Japanese lessons and she intends to be a Japanese tutor in some more time. Learning a foreign language will equip you to pursue a career as language translator or tutor once the course is finished. To master a foreign language you can enroll yourself at a language coaching center in your city. French, Japanese and German are the most sought out foreign languages. You will start at a beginner level and will get upgraded to further levels after clearing the assessments.

3.       Interior designing courses:

The short term interior designing courses enable you to launch an interior designing service. The course will teach you the about aesthetically designing a house or any space as such in a professional manner. You will also be familiarised with the softwares used to do interior designing. Once completed, you could very well be doing the interiors of a brand new house or a commercial space like restaurant or hotel or office. 

4.       Dubbing courses or voice over artists

Dubbing is a part time job that pays handsomely for your hardwork. Dubbing courses are usually offered in film schools and specialised dubbing institutes. Once you finish the dubbing course, you can apply for different sort of dubbing jobs.

5.       Subtitling courses

Subtitling is a good part time job. This involves adding subtitles to movies, videos or documentaries. You can enroll for a subtitling course online. Good course will charge for a fees of around 20000 INR. 

6.       Radio Jockey Training

FM stations have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. And getting a job as a radio jockey would be the easiest thing. Join a radio jockey training course and secure the most enthusiastic part time job ever. Radio jockey training courses are offered at different  radio broadcasting institutes.

7.       Magician course

If you love Magic, you can learn more tricks and make a career out of it. You could very well find job during kids birthday party or any such energetic events. 

8.       Library assistant coaching

If you are a bookworm, you can think of a career as a library assistant. The library assistant training involves the basics of book keeping. 

9.       Photography Training

If there is a photographer in you, professionalise it by attending good photography courses. This course will turn your photographs professional as well as you will get connected to a good network of professional photographers. You can attend events and get leads to photography assignments. Ultimately, build your career from your hobby.

10.   Beautician course

If you like grooming up a lot and love trying it on others, you can go for a beautician course. Once certified, you can start off your own beauty parlour at home or at a commercial space. 

11.   Pharmacy assistant courses

Pharmacy assisstant course teaches you the in depth details of medicine names and general know how of medicines. Once completed, you can start working in any pharmacy. Or in diagnostic centres to check ECG, take X-Rays and the likes.

12. Stenography course

Stenography training will give you all the skills to type faster. You will find jobs in book publishing houses and corporate offices who required skilled typers.

Part time job courses with work place at home:

13.   Candle making Craft courses

Once you learn the basics of candle making through a course, you can work on improvising it to make different varieties of candles. You can start off a candle selling business or start offering similar course once you master the art.

14.   Glass painting courses

If you have an artistic hand, you can start with glass painting. The course will help you to know the basics of how to get started and avoiding the common mistakes. You can sell off your art works online or nearby art and craft shops. Also you can think of taking classes to people who want to learn it. 

15.   Leaf painting training

Everybody love handmade things and leaf paintings are very much in demand as unique gift items. A leaf painting course will teach you how to choose the leaf, what are the processes involved, what paint to use and everything related to leaf painting. On finishing the course you can start a small scale business with your talent. Start posting about it in FB and soon doors will open to you.

16.   Gift Wrapping training

Gift wrapping is relatively new but tremendously growing industry. You can enroll for a gift wrapping course that teaches you how to wrap different types of gifts. You could find jobs in corporate gift wrapping, hotel presentations, festivals, wedding, baby shower and other ceremonies. The course fee depends on who is offering the course. This could be any where from 2500 to 66000 depending on the depth of the course. 

17.   Jewellery Making workshops

Jewellery is something that is always in demand. By attending a jewellery making course, you can get started with many at home and showcase your talent at exhibitions or sales. This will give you that independence and happiness that you are looking for.

18.   Chocolate Making courses

Hand made chocolates are uber gifts these days. Everyone prefers them over packed chocolates loaded with preservatives. Chocolate making is an easy process and you can master it very fast. Once mastered you can start selling your delicious hand made chocolates to your near and dear ones. You can also expand sales by selling it in bakeries and other food joints.

19.   Jam and Jelly making courses

You can attend a jam and jelly making course and learn all about food processing there. You can make jams and jellys of every seasonal fruit. People will be ready to buy the home made jams as they come with hardly any preservative. 

20.   Baking courses

You can join a baking class and learn the basics of baking. Once you learn it, you can start baking for your near and dear ones. As you keep practising it, you will learn about more complicated cakes or bakes and soon you will master it to start off a bakery on your own. You can also supply to the various restaurants or food joints in your locality. 

21.   Share trading course

Share trading is an easy way to make money from home. Though easy it is a bit risky too. You can learn about how to do share trading by attending a short course on the same. Once done, you can start trading shares online or over phone. What a better way to make money?

22.   Stitching or fashion designing courses

If you love stichting, you can join a stitching or embroidery course and expand your skills. You can start taking orders from your near and dear ones. And thus get started with your fashion designing career.

23. Jute Craft courses

You can enroll for a Jute Craft course and start making unique jute items that sell like hotcakes. Be bags, purses, mats or other gift items. If are a bit more innovative kind, you will find a good bunch of opportunities once the course is over.

24. Knitting Courses

Knitting was considered as grandma's best past time. But now with people opting for hand made wonders, knitting is back to business. You can do a knitting course to learn the basics of creating different artifacts. Later on you can use your creativity to create your own niche market.  Learning crochets along with this will give you more space to work on. You can be innovative and make laptop sleeves, mobile pouches, newborn booties and what all!

25. Lampshade Making courses

With more and more importance on interiors, lamps with shade are in high demand. A lampshade making course will teach you all about the different designs and materials used in lampshade making. You can very well launch your own unique collection of lampshades and lead the niche market.

26. Lamasa Art Courses

Lamasa or clay art courses teaches you all about creating different shapes using clay. You will learn about how to colour them and paint and what not to do with the clay art. Once done you can launch your own creative section of artifacts - anything from fridge magnet to miniature sculptures.

27. Mehndi Design courses

Mehndi design courses will run you through different intricate mehndi designs. You can work as a Mehndi artist after completing the course.

28. Mosaic work courses

Mosaic work is an art on its own. This course teaches you how to cut, glue and apply your instinct to come up with mind blowing mosaic arts. Once completed you can set up your own small art shop that sells different sort of mosaic arts on coasters, photo frames, wall arts and much more. If you are really serious about it, you will find professional jobs like furnishing the interiors of a hotel or house using mosaic art.

Computer and Internet based courses:

29.   Medical transcription courses

Medical transcription is an easy way to make money from home. The busy doctors will orally prescribe the medicines to patients and you as a medical transcriptioner has to write down the entire prescription. The training teaches you how to do this perfectly. The courses are available online as well as offline. Once completed, you can work from the comfort of your home and earn 5 digit salary.

30.   Web designing courses –HTML, PHP, XML

You can launch your own web designing company if you are fluent with the common web designing languages like HTML, PHP and XML. A course on any of these will help you work either as a freelancer or as a web designer for some body. 

31.   Graphic designing courses

Graphics are used more than ever these days. Be it company logo, photo editing or fonts. You can enroll for a graphic designing course and get started with your freelance designing career simultaneously. 

32.    Blog setup – Wordpress online courses

There could be many who needs help in setting up a blog. You can do a course on blog set up and get certified as a professional blog designer. You can help others in setting up their first blog, product blog or company blog. 

33.   SEO certified courses

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the most sought out people in the internet. You can do a certified course on SEO and launch your own SEO consultancy service. This will give you the platform to embark on the most amazing career ever.

34.   Data entry training

You can complete a data entry basic course and get started with data entry jobs available online. What can be an easier way than simply entering data as prescribed and earn good money as reward.

35.   Animation courses

If you like creating short animated movies and is looking for a career in the same, then you should try out a course on computer animation, Animation course will familiarise you with the latest animation software and how to go about a project in whole. Once finished you can work for gaming companies, cartoon animations, 3D animation and other graphic rich jobs. 

36. Digital Marketing courses

Nowadays every company is turning to a digital marketing expert to improve their presence on the web and social media. This is the most exciting career opportunity of this age. You can finish an internet marketing course and launch your own internet marketing service on the web. Amazing business it is!

37.   Software testing training

The software companies require people to test the fresh softwares at every stage of production. By finishing a short term course that teaches you what software testing is all about you can get started with a decent job in the same field. Mostly, if you come across any job opportunity in software testing, the company itself will provide you with the training. 

38.   Instructional Design courses

Instructional Design is the trending job these days. Educators in school, with digital teaching methodologies need more friendly ways to present the information. An instructional design course will teach you how to put a piece of information in the best way - including images, written content and much more. 

39.   Image Editing/photo editing courses

Photo editing courses teach you all about enhancing the quality of images. Once finished you can look for photo editor job openings in media companies. Or you can start off as a freelancer from home providing image editing services on the web. 

40. Content Writing Course

The content writing course differs on what exactly you want to specialise in - be a web content writer, magazine content writer or a technical writer. Choose a writing course that you love to do and you will easily find career in the same. Writing doesn't come easy to everyone. With social media marketing on the boom all needs good quality content.

The good part of attending such a course is that once completed, you can straight away get started with your part time job in the same.  Thus you will earn for your work and enjoy a feel good time. You will need to spare only a few hours of your day to get things turn the way you want them to.

Wait! Check out in detail about the course before you sign up for one.

Before joining any of these courses do some ground work to assess who offers the course best. Go through the details of course curriculum. Have a fair idea of the fees charged. Talk to people who have already completed the course and get their views on the same.  Here is a snippet of the heads that need some thorough checking:
  • Who is offering the course?: Go for an established or government institution for the course than a newbie.
  • What is the Course curriculum?: Have a thorough know how of what all is covered. Analyse it to see if it will really help you out when you start a career in that.
  • What is the Course span?: Have a clear picture of how long is the course and when will get the certificate of completion so that you can start with a job in the same field. 
  • What is the course Fees?: Check out the fees of similar courses offered from different institutions. Who wants to pay extra bucks for the same stuff? 
  • What are the Job opportunities?: Always check for the available job openings or career options once you finish the course.
  • What is the possible return per month? Have a fair idea of the possible remuneration for someone in the same field. You can approach anyone in the same field to have a better idea of how much worth it is. 
  • What is the Timing of the course?: You plan to take up a part time job or work from home career. So ensure that the course timing also fits your daily schedule. If you have a toddler at home look for flexible training times if possible. 

A part time job is a real blessing for women who have sacrificed their career for the upbringing of their family. Most of them offer you flexibility so that the family responsibilities are taken care of too. There are many non-trained billionaires who made it out with their passion. With a little bit of help from outside you can turn the world the way you want.