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Monday, 5 October 2015

How I got the Confidence to start business after reading these 5 powerful books on entrepreneurship

I always wanted to do something big in life. But it looked easy to live the life that I am leading now. To do that 'something big' I had to get out of my comfy couch and work hard till it happen. And being a procrastination expert I kept saying when we move to another city I will start, or something like when my son becomes a bit bigger I will start and silly reasons like winter is not energetic - this summer I will start.

The excuses were many. And you know what, after a point of time, I felt that nothing is going to change. I don't have the potential to do anything big in life. The coward in me started taking over the control of my life and I became fearful about everything. 

I kind of accepted that now this is life. Nothing will change. Just keep going with the flow to be happy. Keep doing the routines. Find joy in shopping, cooking, gossipping. I tried to enter into many gossipping gangs, but never got accomodated there.

Down under I was seeking something else, something far more creative and giving me freedom from everything.  A life full of happiness, spreading happiness to everyone whom I come across. 

How the twist happened!

It was then that Veeran declared, "enough of job, let me do something on my own". I supported him, because I feel a bit of support can push anyone to work on their dreams than working for someone else's dreams.

Life became exciting as we got off the routine and started on something out of the box. That time it looked like jumping off the cliff. 

Then comes the billion dollar question. What to do? 

The intention was clear to start a business and work on it for a long term and live happily ever after. But where to start? Which domain to choose? We had no perfect idea for our venture.

That is the time when we started following already existing entrepreneurs. And read a few books that inspired us to go with our heart.

Veeran served his notice period in the company for 3 months, at the same time started working on building a mindset of entrepreneurs. Yes, by reading the following books and meeting or talking to entrepreneurs in his circle. 

Here is the list of books that we read before we started:

1. Dandha: How Gujaratis do business by Shobha Bondre.

This is the book I loved the most. Because it kind of reinforced in me the fact that big business men
find out opportunities, believe in themselves, work hard as they could and is always wanting more and more. Dhandha focuses on the attitude on business by Gujarati community. This inspired me to look at business as something beyond just making more money or better lifestyle. It is all about the mindset of people who make it big.

All the businesses mentioned are traditional ones. But equally applicable to contemporary ones focusing on internet revolution. 

2. How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a billion dollar company by Varun Agarwal.

This book is simply awesome with the way things are explained. It just felt like reading a story. The books is very much contemporary and talks about how Alma Mater Store ( happened. 

Very good read to know how a simple idea can be brought in to action and soon made to a million dollar venture. I could also feel the transformation of Varun as a collge graduate to a full fledged entrepreneur. 

3. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal

Herself being an IIM graduate, Rashmi talks about 25 IIM graduates who became successful entrepreneurs. The stories are a mix of people who jumped into entrepreneurship right after the course, those who waited for the right opportunity and those who wanted to give it back to the society. The success story of,, subhiksha were very enlightening.
Interesting read, as it shows MBA-doesn't mean you can start a business and make it run without any roadblock. This book boosted my confidence,  knowing that after all MBA is not a must have thing to venture into entrepreneurship. 

4. Poor Little Rich Slum by Rashmi Bansal

Rashmi Bansal in her debut book, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish was all about the b-school people doing business. And Poor Little Rich Slum is all about how people in Dharavi are running their businesses. This book proves that it doesn't require IIM MBA to do a business successfully, but only the right mindset. 

Very good read as it opened up various unexplored domains that have great potential to launch a business. 

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Well, this book I had read earlier as planting seeds of entrepreneurship in me. This book actually changed the way I looked at earning money - from a employee perspective to a businessman perspective. This is indeed a must read book before you jump in to entrepreneurship. It is all about creating assets and getting out of the rat race.

I would say that these books gave the picture of what entrepreneurship is all about. It is all about a strong mindset, winning attitude, dynamism in grabbing opportunities and above all persistence and perseverance. It is not a life full of roses, but to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of roses we have to bear the pain of thorns. 

What is your take on life? Do you want to do something big in life? If this post has helped you in someway please take a moment to comment. It will really motivate me. If you like my posts you can subscribe on email.